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This Tutorial text is Copyright © Matthew Kells 2002

(The first part of the tutorial will deal with the possibility of drawing these on pencil and paper.)

          Let’s begin with the tough part.  This is a tutorial done with pencil and paper, which depicts the simplest of ‘Seed Polygons’.  You could call this a ‘Core Seed’.  What follows is about the easiest way I know to describe how to build the very first ‘Seed’.  (If you plan to build these inside the program, then just skip down to that part of the tutorial shown below dealing with ‘Inside the Program Design’).

The Core Seed Tutorial:


          Next is the next most difficult part of all.  You have to learn to SEE the Lazy-8.   So, the easiest way, instead of using pen and ink is to go to the program, open the file called: “Core_Seed” then take it to the Tessellator, and rotate it until it looks like this:


Then you copy it and place it juxtaposed to a copy of itself like this:


This is the LAZY-8.   It may take awhile to SEE.   It’s the ‘Infinity Sign’:  the Southwest to Northeast diagonal is traversing UNDERNEATH the Northwest to Southeast diagonal.  If you can see this, the rest of this tutorial will be very easy.  If you still have difficulty seeing this, here is a colour version:

The Lazy-8

The next step is this:  Rotate the Lazy-8 above, and then copy two Seeds, to each side, so the result looks something like this:

     This is the Lazy-8 (The Infinity Sign…or for mathematicians who are more precise: The symbol which DEFINES THAT WHICH IS UNDEFINED) and the Zero, interweaving.  Please take a few moments, and look at this drawing.   If you can see the interwoven lines, then, in a sense, the rest of this tutorial isn’t even necessary.   In fact, if you can see the Eight and the Zero, interweaving, then in order to ensure your own ‘Joy of Discovery’, why not just stop the tutorial here, and go on and build your own.  The rest will weave automatically.

      On the other hand if there’s still trouble seeing the weave here is a picture in color:

The Lazy-8 and Zero Interwoven

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